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What do you care about? Now build that into a business!

What do you care about, better yet if there was one problem you would like to solve even if you only impacted one person, what would it be? That is the question I asked myself and posed to by business partners this week.

For the past 5 years, I have been flirting with entrepreneurship. Like everyone who has ever gotten the idea in their head, I was attracted by all of the superficial things. It wasn’t until recently, shutting down another failed business venture, that it struck me.

Business is Simply Solving Someone’s Problems

Business can be boiled down to simply solving someone’s problem. This means the customer has a burning problem that they would rather have solved than the money in their pocket. Considering myself as a solution I have successfully done this as an Engineer, a Banker, and now a Salesman. Me exchanging my time and intellect for a salary in all of those roles taught me to be nimble, pick up new skills, practice methodologies, and observe new ways of thinking. All the great things when you are an employee.

Within a very short time, I have reached a point in my professional career where I can emphatically say I love my job. To me, it is the culmination of all of my struggles to meet my own expectations and daily validation that the only person in the way of what I want to achieve in life is myself!

That being said what am I missing? When I wake up from a night of dancing and drinking in a European city and rolling out of bed to eat brunch at a cafe with a phenomenal woman. Where is the next goal post, the cliff I want to scale? Why do I instinctively wake up early and stay up late? All of these questions led me on honing in on my Why, more specifically what is the good I want to bring to the world. Unraveling this mystery for myself led me to this second epiphany.

Build Your Passion Into A Business

Consider this in the world of business it is not unheard of for a company when they first start out to be losing money during their first 3–7 years of existence. Can you with your current venture mentally do this? If you deep down believe in your company's impact. That if you did not bring your good or service to the market the world would be less. Then take that idea and dent the universe because with that level of conviction you will make it.

At our core, the team at Work After Work is curating and assembling resources to help you breathe your idea into existence. Our motto is to Support the Extraordinary Vision of the Partrepreneur.

Partrepreneur = Part Time + Entrepreneur

If this message resonates with you, keep an eye out for future content.

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