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Although beautiful design is a top priority, our number one goal when we partner with clients is to support them in growing their business

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Jonathan Hazeley 


Product Growth Director


The concept of our business name, Slingshot Effect, comes from a famous maneuver used in aerospace that ended up saving the lives of the Apollo 13 crew.

It's a concept that's all about maximizing limited resources to arrive to your destination. As two gentlemen coming from humble beginnings this concept really  resonates with us. 

Every journey is special, and we love supporting visionaries in navigating their journey. Websites just happen to be one of the tools we use to do that.


Dreu Dixon


Product Development Director


Dreu Dixon

Co-Owner, Product Development

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Born and raised in Greenville, NC by two entrepreneurs, Dreu has always had a passion for small business development. In his early years, he studied systems engineering at UNC Charlotte and worked in Aerospace Engineering for 7+ years for Lockheed Martin supporting various advanced tech fields such as systems integration, 3D modeling, artificial intelligence, LM Ventures tech steering, and (randomly) compact fusion. However, in parallel Dreu continued to support small businesses, working in freelance web design for 10+ years among other things. After attaining a graduate degree from Duke in Engineering Management, he decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams instilled in him by his parents of supporting small businesses full-time. Dreu has started/owned over 8 different businesses, invested in dozens of ventures, and continues to expand his knowledge and opportunities.

Jonathan Hazeley

Co-Owner, Product Growth

Being a First Generation American and descendant of Sierra Leone. Jonathan grew up nourishing his mind watching shows such as How It is Made and Build it Bigger. This shaped his decision to obtain his bachelors in mechanical engineering from UNC Charlotte and Masters in Management from Wake Forest. To learn the valuable skill set of how assets are built and how the businesses that own them run those assets. Over the course of his career he has worked in more than 5 industries at Fortune 150 and Unicorn status startups in a variety of engineering and data science roles. Leveraging his accumulated knowledge to found / grow / acquire over 3 businesses.

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