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Dare to Write, Write your way to a better career.

Let me start this off by saying I hate writing! I absolutely loathe it but that doesn’t matter because it is effective.

I mistakenly thought that if I pursue a career in STEM I could avoid it but like Thanos in Avengers End Games, it is inevitable. The further I progressed in my career the more important written communication has become. As well as the more my writing demanded what was expected from me.

Visual and audio content in comparison is experiencing a sort of Renaissance whereas writing in the scope of human civilization is eternal. Whether not you are a professional, thought leader, business owner, or aspiring to create. These are my reasons why you should suck it up and practice your writing.

  1. In storytelling, We retain information best in the form of the story. Whether it is the Hero’s Journey or Kishōtenketsu. Stories define the human experience.

  2. Search engine optimization, regardless of what your goal is online you likely want to be found. The sure-fire way to be found is to write content

  3. In Content Marketing, you can repurpose your writing into different forms of content such as

  • Book

  • Podcasts

  • Video

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